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Agricultural professor gives training session in tobacco filed

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jul 05,2021 L M S
Deng Xiaohua, a professor from Hunan Agricultural University, gave a training session to local tobacco farmers in the tobacco fields in Datunying Village, Ningxiang City, which was also broadcast online at the same time.

Maturity is the critical factor determining the quality of tobacco leaves, while the standard to measure whether the tobacco leaves are ripe remains a difficulty for tobacco farmers and technicians of the primary tobacco stations.

This year Zhejiang Chinese Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. has coordinated with relevant units to conduct a series of live training courses in 6 major bases, among which Shiansi Group in Datunying Village is included. This activity is held to provide professional production guidance for tobacco farmers as well as production standards for the producing areas and tobacco companies.