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Four study tour routes in Ningxiang released

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jun 05,2023 L M S
On May 28, Zifu Kiln Scenic Area in Ningxiang City opened its doors to visitors, and the study tours in the city were also promoted here.

With the official opening of Zifu Kiln Scenic Area, Ningxiang City has also released four high-quality study tour routes, including "Red Inspiration Tour" (Huaminglou Red Red Study Tour Base, Tanhe Ancient Town, Huitang Hot Spring Resort and Zifu Kiln), "Explore Chinese Civilization" (Tanheli Bronze Culture Museum, Urban Hotels and Fantawild Oriental Heritage), the "Retracing the Young Mao Zedong Study Tour Road" (Shilunguan Dream Town, Ningxiang Study Tour Base, the hometown of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and Xiangzi Huakai Study Tour Base) and the "Science Popularization Study Tour" (Guanshan Scenic Area, Youzhuo Ranch, Daohua Xiangli Farming Culture Park and Xiangdu Ecological Agriculture Park).

Zhou Jiguo, Party secretary of Zifu Town, said that in order to protect the ceramic industry and intangible cultural heritage of Zifu Kiln, explore the culture of Zifu Kiln, develop the cultural tourism industry and benefit the people, the town government has signed an agreement with Changsha Yaoli Ecological Cultural Tourism Development Company to develop the original industrial site of Zifu Kiln and build a Zifu Kiln Cultural and Tourism Complex integrating study tour, training, cuisine, homestay, cultural creation and entertainment.

It will promote rural revitalization with the development of special cultural tourism and agricultural tourism, in a bid to build the town into a "Township of Sun-dried Tobacco", "Township of Tea-oil", and "Cultural and Tourism Town".

In recent years, the study tour in Ningxiang has seen constinuous development, with themes of Red culture, traditional culture, rural culture and industrial culture. The combination of study tour, rural and agricultural tourism will further promote the study tour brand of Ningxiang.