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Zifu Kiln Scenic Area opens its doors to visitors

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jun 05,2023 L M S
On May 28, Zifu Kiln Scenic Area in Ningxiang City was open to the public, drawing an unceasing influx of visitors.

The new attraction is situated in Zifu Town, which boasts a rich tradition of pottery-making that dates back thousands of years, with Zifu Kiln representing the pinnacle of this craft. Zifu Kiln Scenic Area seamlessly integrates educational tours, training programs, delicacies, homestay inns, cultural creativity, and entertainment to preserve and promote this cultural heritage.

Its first-phase main scenic spot is composed of a kiln culture study tour base, a ceramic museum, a Red Culture showplace, an exhibition on air defense popularization, a display of model craftsmen's work, a restored ancient kiln, a cultural creativity workshop, an artist workshop, a park celebrating family surnames, a food street, a family-friendly amusement park and so on.