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Zhushantang Industrial Heritage Park

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Sep 18,2021 L M S
Zhushantang Industrial Heritage Park is located in Meitanba Town of Ningxiang City, covering an area of 85 mu (5.6 hectares). It makes full use of the coal culture with a one-hundred-year history and highlights the industrial heritage, featuring industrial research, team building, red film and television, cultural creativity, sightseeing, entertainment and shopping.

Zhushantang Coal Mine was built in 1960. It used to have an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons and more than 2,000 miners and then closed in April 2014. Now, it leverages the artists’ works and the advantages of coal mine, and invites 100 artists at home and abroad to create a cultural and artful place featuring tourism, education, exhibition and artist creation.

At present, the park is the filming base of television dramas.

The museum is a core scenic spot of the park. It shows the long and rich history of the coal mining in the town so that visitors can learn about various coal mines as
well as the techniques and equipment of coal mining.

Beizheng Street is the core functional area for catering, cultural creation, research and conference, etc. It preserves the architectures of the original Zhushantang Coal Mine, bringing visitors back to the past passionate years.

Craftsman Learning Center is the main functional area for hands-on studies and parent-child interaction. It includes study workshops like lotus coal workshop and blacksmith workshop, which attracts visitors to appreciate while promoting the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.

Quadrangle dwellings with the style of 1920s are used as shooting sites. It is one of the 10 must-see sites in Zhushantang.