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Taohua Valley Scenic Area in Huitang Town

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Sep 16,2021 L M S
Located in Dongwu Mountain Scenic Spot of Huitang Town, Ningxiang City, Taohua (Peach Blossom) Valley enjoys excellent geographical advantages, convenient transportation and rich natural resources. It stretches from west to east, serving as a southern barrier to the ancient county of Ningxiang. The beautiful scenery attracts visitors to come. The best time to appreciate peach blossoms is March in spring.

During the Peach Blossom Festival, an endless stream of visitors coming to appreciate the flowers can be seen on the side of Dongwu Mountain in Huitang Town, laughing and talking. The mist-enveloped mountain will satisfy your imagination and expectation about the valley. Fascinated by the natural scenery here in the Taohua  Valley, you will feel at ease and comfortable.

Address: Xinlian Village, Huitang Town, Ningxiang County, Changsha City

Opening hours: all day

Traffic route: Ningxiang Dongcheng Bus Station—G319—Shaoshan Road—Binjiang Avenue—Yuening Avenue—Baima South Road—X096—Jiangjun Road—Taohua Valley