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To enjoy rafting in Longquan Village

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Jul 30,2021 L M S
Longquan Rafting is located in Longquan Village, Weishan Mountain Scenic Area, Ningxiang City, which enjoys a water resource from secondary virgin forests. The water is clean and unpolluted, so many tourists call it spring water rafting.

Longquan Rafting is known as the most spectacular, exciting and human-oriented rafting in Hunan province. The 4.3-km-long channel with a drop of about 200 meters will bring you a rafting trip full of thrills, with steep slopes and dangerous rapids. Particularly, there are consecutive rapids for over 1,800 meters with dozens of serious drops.  

Tourists are reminded to wear life jackets and safety helmets and not to take off them during rafting. When passing through slides, tourists should grasp the cloth handles on both sides of the boat.