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NETDZ boosts technological innovation

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Apr 07,2023 L M S
Technological innovation is not only the key for enterprises to enhancing their core competitiveness, but also the inevitable choice for them to build a new development pattern and achieve high-quality development.

Recently, the Changsha Science and Technology Bureau announced the list of technology innovation centers to be put on records in Changsha in 2023.

Among them, there are 8 enterprises in Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone (NETDZ), including Hunan CNGR New Energy Science & Technology, and Changsha Gree Industry, that were selected to build technology innovation centers involving multiple industries such as food, home appliances, and new materials, driving the high-end industrial development.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the zone and enterprises, there has been tangible results in innovation in the NETDZ.

Technological innovation driven by leading enterprises

A large number of competitive and innovative products with scientific and technological content have entered into the international and domestic markets through industrial and technological innovation, including the two leading enterprises in NETDZ, CNGR New Energy and Changsha Gree.

As an enterprise with an output value of more than 10 billion yuan, CNGR New Energy focuses on enhancing its internal driving force, breaking through key and core technological bottlenecks in the industry, and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization.

In recent years, CNGR New Energy has always taken research and development of technology as the first driving force, with an annual R&D investment of no less than 3% of its sales revenue, which continues to increase. This time, CNGR New Energy was selected as the Advanced Energy Storage Material Technology Innovation Center, based on its new and high-efficiency energy conversion and storage technology.
With its high-efficiency heat exchange technology for air conditioners, Gree (Changsha) HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd.,which was selected on the list this time, will establish the Changsha Air Conditioner High-Efficiency Heat Exchange Technology Innovation Center.
Technological innovation empowers industrial development

Researchers are busy working in the laboratory of Hunan Shanshui Testing Co., Ltd.

This inconspicuous building is home to the only human efficacy evaluation laboratory for cosmetics in Hunan Province. It cooperates with beauty enterprises like Euro Standard Cosmetics Co., Ltd in NETDZ, promoting the development of the "Beauty Valley". In the next three years, the Changsha Comprehensive Toxicology Inspection and Testing Technology Innovation Center will be built here.

The enterprise was officially run in 2017, and over the past five years, it has obtained 24 patents and completed more than 1,000 toxicological tests on various products, including disinfection products, cosmetics, water-related products, food and health food, with clients from all over China such as Hunan, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Yunnan, and Guangxi.
In the field of scientific and technological innovation, Changsha Baite Bio-technology Research Co., Ltd. has gone through a process from learning and imitation to independent innovation.
Currently, the company's new veterinary medicine for the treatment of saprolegniasis has been granted a national patent. Once marketed, it will solve the side effects of traditional drugs such as teratogenicity, carcinogenicity, and mutagenicity.
Next, Bait Bio-technology will separately establish the Changsha Animal Health Products Technology Innovation Center, which will focus on upgrading old medicines and developing new medicines for diseases in livestock, poultry, and aquatic farming to promote the development of domestic animal husbandry.
NETDZ helps high-quality development of enterprises

Innovation is the key to promoting high-quality development in the zone.

In 2022, NETDZ ranked 70th in the "2022 Top 100 Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Zones in China". NETDZ has made great efforts on the road to industrial innovation.

In accelerating the growth of high-tech industry clusters, NETDZ has always adhered to the investment attraction for three industries of advanced energy storage, equipment manufacturing and medical devices, from "three types" of Fortune 500 companies, listed companies, and specialized high-tech enterprises.

The Truking Biotechnology (Changsha) Co., Ltd. and Life Science Industry Chain Project plans to implement 17 upstream and downstream industrial chain projects with a total output value of more than 50 billion yuan.
Currently, NETDZ has built specialized platforms such as the Intelligent Home Appliance Industrial Park and the Intelligent Home Appliance Accessories Industrial Park to create a complete industrial chain for intelligent home appliances.

At present, scientific and technological innovation has been placed at the core of the national development strategy. NETDZ will continue to support enterprises’ independent innovation as its main mission, in a bid to cultivate more high-tech companies and increase research on technology bottlenecks.