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63 key projects worth 24.1 billion yuan started in Ningxiang

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Feb 01,2023 L M S
A centralized commencement ceremony for major projects was held in Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone on January 29.

A total of 63 projects worth 24.1 billion yuan started construction. These projects involve industrial development, infrastructure and people’s livelihood. Once completed, it’s expected to increase the annual output value of 15.54 billion yuan and tax revenue of 930 million yuan.

The headquarters and comprehensive production base of Guohua Pharmaceutical TCM and Health Industry is one of the key projects. The project covers a planned land area of 64 mu (about 42,667 square meters), with a planned investment of 1 billion yuan and a total construction area of 65,000 square meters.

Zhu Lihua, general manager of Guohua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., introduced that once completed, it can produce TCM preparations, TCM decoction pieces, hospital preparations and massive health products. It’s expected to achieve an annual output value of 800 million yuan and a tax contribution of 20 million yuan. It will become the first-class headquarters and comprehensive production base of TCM and Massive Health Industry in Central China.

Speaking of the reasons for the settlement in Ningxiang, Zhu Lihua noted it’s  because of considerable services and superior business environment of Ningxiang.
The 5GW photovoltaic high-efficiency module and hydrogen fuel cell industrial park project in Ningxiang High-tech Zone is another key project, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan.

With an investment of 2 billion yuan and a land area of 100 mu (about 66,667 square meters), the Phase I project will build a photovoltaic industrial park with an annual output of 5GW of solar modules. It’s planned to start construction before April this year, and it will be completed and put into operation by the end of December. After the project is fully completed, the output value will be more than 10 billion yuan.  

The Phase II project will be a hydrogen energy industrial park, including R&D and production of electric stack, double-stage plate and membrane electrode of hydrogen fuel cells. Relevant work will be started after the Phase I project is put into operation.

Hunan Niujing Science and Technology is a key company cultivated by Ningxiang. And the headquarters and the listed entity of the company are located in Ningxiang High-tech Zone. The annual tax contribution will be more than 300 million yuan after full production, and the annual average tax per mu will reach 3 million yuan, which will refresh the height of intensive and economical land use in Ningxiang City.

This year, Ningxiang plans to introduce two major projects with an investment of more than 10 billion yuan and many projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan. It will also cultivate 100 national and provincial model enterprises, and strive to build a sub center of the provincial capital and advance into China’s top 10.  
In recent years, led by the local government of Changsha City, Ningxiang has focused on project construction and constantly expanded effective investment. A special industrial system has basically taken shape, providing solid support for the high-quality development of the city’s economy and society.

Last year, the total number of enterprises with an output value of 10 billion yuan reached. 5, 568 projects were implemented in the whole city last year, with 105 billion yuan of fixed asset investment completed. Among them, there were 247 provincial and municipal key projects with 69 billion yuan of investment completed.