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Truking Technology wins Industrial Design Award

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Dec 20,2021 L M S
The automatic inspection machine for pre-filled Covid-19 vaccines produced by Truking Technology won the Silver Award at the achievements exhibition and awarding ceremony of 2021 “Xiaoxiang Cup” Industrial Design Competition held in Changsha on December 8. It’s the only award-wining work in the medical equipment sector in this competition.

In recent years, a series of advanced equipment such as intelligent sub-packaging equipment, post-packaging equipment and purification equipment developed by Truking Technology have played an important role in the mass production of Covid-19 vaccines.

The automatic inspection machine for pre-filled Covid-19 vaccines is the representative leading equipment among the mass production solutions for Covid-19 vaccines developed by Truking Technology.

It leads the industry in R&D and manufacturing, and shows the leading level of Truking Technology in industrial design.

This machine is composed of mechanical motion system, electrical controlling system and visual inspection system. It has internationally advanced intelligent automatic collection system, flexible transmission and turnover technology, as well as intelligent reinspection technology. It can accurately eliminate unqualified products and greatly improve the detection accuracy.

When producing Covid-19 vaccines in large amounts, quality is the most important, and the drug accidents must be prevented. Truking Technology’s automatic inspection machine is used for the automatic inspection of foreign matter particles, rubber plugs and other aspects.

Meanwhile, it’s equipped with high-voltage discharge detection module to detect the product tightness. The machine is specially designed to detect the prefilled injection vaccines.

Compared with the traditional inspection methods, the machine vision inspection of Truking Technology can detect 400 doses of Covid-19 vaccines per minute, and can work all the time. What’s more, the AI technology can be used to achieve the high detection accuracy of up to 40 um, and the quality of Covid-19 vaccines can be strictly controlled.  

The system has been used in major Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers such as Sinopharm, Sinovac and CanSino in China, which can meet the needs of mass testing of Covid-19 vaccines. The news that Truking won this industrial design award reflects its industrial design ability, which also helps realize greater user value.