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Intelligent manufacturing control platform settles in Ningxiang

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Dec 07,2021 L M S
On November 15, the project of intelligent manufacturing control platform for engineering machinery launched by Hunan Zhonggang Co., Ltd. was officially signed and will settle in Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone (NETDZ). This is the second-phase project Hunan Zhonggang carries out in the NETDZ, which aims to build a demonstration benchmark for intelligent manufacturing.

Hunan Zhonggang, an enterprise that develops the technology of steel intelligent manufacturing, is equipped with advanced production lines and ability to research and develop the application of special steel products and process special parts.

Therefore, it is a vital supplier of structural parts for both Zoomlion and Sany and also a superior supplier for leading enterprises such as Beijing Automotive Group and Foton.

This project is the company’s second-phase investment in the NETDZ following the first signed in October 2020. Hunan Zhonggang plans to invest in the construction of production lines of engineering machinery in this project.

For this project, it is going to build an intelligent manufacturing control platform for engineering machinery with “design, technology and manufacturing” as the main contents to construct a whole-life product design platform, a process data simulation platform and an intelligent manufacturing platform in order to achieve the effective sharing of key data in all links; it will build an intelligent demonstration factory of jib cranes based on the Internet of Things technology to improve the manufacturing interconnection of the industrial site for key manufacturing links. It mainly includes intelligent logistics and intelligent production (testing) lines in the workshops and produces core structural parts like arms and grabs of the crane.

At the signing ceremony, Yue Wenchao sincerely said: “The first-phase operation has yielded fruitful outcomes, which was highly dependent on the support from NETDZ. We are deeply impressed by the company’s speed of development. And it is encouraging for us to reopen the cooperation a year later.” 

Mr. Yue also expressed that the all-round service the NETDZ provides consolidates their confidence to resettle here and hopefully the project will soon be constructed to build advanced production lines expected to be put into operation in June 2022.

Zhang Yi said that since this year, efficient cooperation between NETDZ and Hunan Zhonggang has been established.

From its signing last October to its operation this April, their mutual trust helps them build a good political and business relationship that constantly meets the enterprise’s needs in development. In the next stage, they will fulfill the contract and build an efficient team that provides all-round service so as to promote the early construction and operation of the project.