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Electricity analysis helps enterprises with decision making

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Nov 30,2021 L M S
Recently, Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone and Hunan Energy Big Data Center have reached the preliminary agreement on the service of electricity analysis of enterprises in the park.

With the characteristics of real time, accuracy, comprehensiveness and high value, big data of electric power has natural advantages and capabilities for industrial economic development, supervising and serving park enterprises.

The value-added service of electric power data is mainly divided into four categories: data matching, data calculation, data analysis and data query. Its business logic is based on the electricity consumption, load characteristics and payment of users in the park.

The service objectively reflects the economic situation and development trend of the industrial park; observes and evaluates the reliability of the economic indicators of the industrial park; and then gives a detailed analysis of the whole park to support the decision-making process in the development of service enterprises and industries in the park.

The value-added service of electric power data was successfully piloted for the first time in Ningxiang, with the analysis of the economic development of the industrial park. Based on the indicators including the development quality, effectiveness and momentum of the industrial park, the park’s economic development analysis platform was built in coordination with the provincial energy big data center, which focuses on the “Three Hubs and Four New Missions” strategy and promotes the transformation of the industrial structure of the park, in an effort to lay a solid foundation for advancing the high-quality development of the local industrial economy.