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Truking sees significant growth in business performances in first half of year

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Sep 07,2021 L M S
The significant growth in business performances achieved by Truking Technology stems from the implementation of its strategies. The enterprise continues to improve its marketing ability, strengthen its internal operation and management ability, and give full play to the cooperative effect of the subsidiaries.

In the first half of this year, new orders increased by 136%. Truking has continuously improved its product manufacturing, delivery and commissioning capacity, and the product delivery increased significantly compared with the same period of last year.

Continuously increasing R&D investments in new technologies and products is also an important driving force for performance growth. Truking’s product structure and configuration are being optimized, and the product technology and quality are also improving. It has also made important achievements in internal cost control and supply chain optimization.
Truking's semi-annual report this year was released on August 27, with many indicators such as business revenue and net profits rising sharply. In the first half of this year, the operating revenue was 2.391 billion yuan, an increase of 75.72%. The net profits belonging to shareholders of the listed enterprises was 236 million yuan, up 1321.22%. The testing and packaging solutions and stand-alone business achieved bright performances in these products, with the business revenue of 830 million yuan, up 135.42%.  

The bioengineering solutions and stand-alone business are developing rapidly, an increase of 255.41%. The R&D investment continued to rise steadily, with nearly 200 million yuan, an increase of 65.65%.

Despite the fact that the overseas markets have been affected by the uncertainty of Covid-19 pandemic, Truking has achieved good results in some overseas regions this year. For example, the revenue in European regions has increased by 11.27%, and the revenue in American regions has increased by 74.67%.
Driven by intensive growth and extensional development, Truking is the only one in the industry that has overall solutions for water agents and solid preparations at the same time, and has many highly competitive product portfolios. Product upgrading and new product development have also achieved continuous results. The rapid growth of biotechnology business in the first half of this year is one of them.

At present, Truking has formed relevant schemes and products such as stainless steel fermentation and liquid mixing system in the biology processing period, and has completed the layout of some key customs. It has also actively developed disposable bioreactor and related consumables, thus expanding the product chain.
The development of product layout and R&D investment require more R&D personnel. The number of R&D personnel of Truking has exceeded 1,500 in the first half of this year. Truking has been focusing on putting product technology and manufacturing technology at first, so its manufacturing capacity has got improved. Especially the processing technology and the level of core parts have been steadily improved, which has further enhanced the product quality.

Truking Wachine, a subsidiary of Truking, is expanding its business scale. Its good precision manufacturing capacity has undertaken important processing tasks for Truking. The German manufacturing concept of Romaco Group integrated into Truking is continuously improving the manufacturing level. With the steady construction of Phase IV project, the enterprise’s production capacity is also increasing.  
While making good business performances, Truking has also actively carried out its social responsibilities, especially in fighting against the epidemic. In response to the state’s call to increasing the production of Covid-19 vaccines, Truking has organized its staff to work on the research and production of major equipment for the mass production of vaccines, which fully ensured the production of China’s important Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers such as Sinopharm, Kexing and Cansino Biologics, and made important contributions to the supply of China’s Covid-19 vaccines.