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Ningxiang has 20 intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Aug 27,2021 L M S
20 enterprises including Hunan Wachine Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and CEC Digital Technology in Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone (Ningxiang ETDZ) were included in the list of the eighth batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises in Changsha recently.

“The data of our CNC machining equipment can be managed through the intelligent manufacturing production management system. The daily, weekly and even monthly activation of the equipment can be directly seen on the system, including the operation status of the equipment, which can reflect the production and operation status of the whole company,” Shu Kai, deputy general manager of Hunan Wachine Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced.

Wachine is engaged in producing high-end precision parts. It adopts intelligent management and has intelligent manufacturing management system, ERP material management system and paperless office system. The company’s production efficiency has been significantly improved via data management.

“Before, each CNC machining equipment must be equipped with one programmer to input the part program into the equipment for processing operation. Now, we only need technicians to compile programs and transmit them to processing equipment through the system. On average, each technician can control more than ten sets of equipment,” said Han Hongwang, director of Wachine’s programming design office.

At the same time, ERP material management system also plays an intelligent management role in the storage of raw materials and the management of finished products.

“Now, the production efficiency has increased by at least 30% on the original basis. This also improves the company’s production capacity. The target output value this year is 150 million yuan, and 70% of the target has been completed from January to June,” Shu Kai noted.

As a new enterprise which was put into operation in 2021, CEC Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (CEC Digital Technology) has shown many highlights.

In the terminal box workshop, the six-spindle industrial robots can easily pick up U-fashioned boxes from the production line to the transfer area. Zeng Wei, deputy general manager of the company, said that at the beginning of the production line planning, the automation of the whole production process and the digitalization construction of production equipment were fully considered. This provides a good foundation for industrial Internet application and can meet the customized needs of customers.

In terms of 5G technology application, CEC Digital Technology is the first enterprise in Hunan province to use 5G independent core network and virtual private network.  Through digitalization construction and network collaboration, the production efficiency of the company has been improved by 30%, and the defective rate has been reduced by 15%, compared with enterprises in the same industry. It’s expected to achieve the annual output value of 400 million yuan this year.

Zeng Wei said that in the future, the company will focus on the intelligent service terminal industrial chains, give full play to central enterprises and empower the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain on the basis of CEC cloud network.

Intelligent manufacturing is an important measure to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry. In recent years, Ningxiang ETDZ has issued a series of incentive measures to help promote the technological transformation and intelligent upgrading of enterprises.

It actively cooperated with universities and research institutes to build service platforms, and gathered experts to guide enterprises to promote technological transformation of intelligent manufacturing, so as to help more enterprises march toward intelligent manufacturing development.

Today, there are 131 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises in Ningxiang ETDZ, including 4 national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises and 9 provincial ones.

Changsha Gree is accelerating the construction of the second largest comprehensive base of Gree Electric Appliance, and the country’s largest commercial air conditioning, refrigerator and washing machine base will be completed.

Truking Technology has officially entered the 4th generation of intelligent manufacturing, and become a solution supplier of intelligent manufacturing system in China (intelligent factory for medicine).

Jiajia Food Group has actively established a digital, information-based and intelligent factory, and its digital production line that can produce 200,000 tons of soy sauce every year reach its designed production.  

Next, Ningxiang ETDZ will implement “Three Hubs and Four New Missions” strategy, strive to build a “Five Good” industrial park led by intelligent manufacturing, and take multiple measures to promote the intelligent upgrading and transformation of enterprises and promote industrial competitiveness.

It will ensure that more than 20 intelligent manufacturing enterprises will be added every year, try its best to build it into a high-quality development demonstration area, and make greater contributions to build Changsha into a national central city and an important national advanced manufacturing center.