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Truking Technology strives to lead pharmaceutical equipment industry

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Oct 25,2023 L M S
Truking Biomedical and Life Science Industry Chain is the only enterprise-based industrial chain in Changsha City.

Focusing on this industrial chain, Truking Technology Co., Ltd. has introduced 12 ultra-precision manufacturing enterprises in biomedical and life sciences and their supporting facilities through talent introduction and equity cooperation, making every effort to build a leading enterprise in China’s pharmaceutical equipment industry.

At present, Truking Technology has established three major R&D institutions: Changsha Central Institute of Technology, European Institute of Technology and Sichuan Pharmaceutical Design and Research Institute, with more than 2,000 R&D personnel.

It has obtained patent licensing in the United States, Russia, Germany and other countries. Its products are exported to nearly 60 countries and regions such as Asia and Europe. With the support of governments at all levels, the global R&D center of Truking Science and Technology Pharmaceutical Equipment is under construction.

“After coming to Truking Technology, we can link various resources from upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to provide customers with more comprehensive, complete and high-quality one-stop services,” said Wu Zhongtuo, general manager of Truking Scientific Instrument.

He said that in the Truking industrial chain, Truking Scientific Instrument can connect all links from scientific research to pilot then production, and integrate sporadic solutions.

“Truking has strong industrial supporting capabilities,” said Zhang, general manager of Truking Paite.

From synthetic cleavage to separation and purification, and finally to a complete solution, its brother units have very good products that can meet the production needs.

Truking Technology is continuing efforts in the biomedical and life science industry chain, moving towards the goal of a 100-billion-yuan industrial chain, and striving to build a leading enterprise in the global pharmaceutical equipment industry.