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Truking Technology leads pharmaceutical equipment industry

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Apr 13,2023 L M S
Truking Technology Limited, located in Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, lacked technology, talent, or funds, but was full of lofty aspirations at the beginning of its establishment.
After more than 20 years of development, Truking Technology has become one of the leading enterprises in China's medical equipment industry. It built the first intelligent medical equipment manufacturing factory in the world, and created an international professional innovation team.
Tang Yue, President of Truking Technology, who resigned from a state-owned enterprise and started his own business, has even greater ambitions than before, striving to make it one of the top pharmaceutical equipment enterprises in the world.
There are fewer staff in its intelligent workshops, where robotic arms flexibly remove the film of the medicine bottle packaging boxes, and the high-speed conveyor belts accurately send the medicine bottles into the assembly rooms. The processes of bottle cleaning, sterilization, filling, and corking are carried out in an orderly manner. In less than a minute, a medicine bottle with a small blue cap can roll off the production line.

Truking Technology has established the first intelligent manufacturing research institute in the whole industry, which was listed in the first batch of intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises in China. In 2022, it was successfully listed as one of the Top 50 National Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises.

After 23 years of deep cultivation in the industry, Truking Technology, starting with the business of making traditional water injection pharmaceutical equipment, had acquired Truking Watertown to supplement its upstream industrial chains of water injection pharmaceutical equipment, and the world-class solid preparation enterprise Romaco from Germany and manufactured the upstream equipment and consumables of biopharmaceuticals. Truking Technology has built a strong chain in the industry, continuously enriching its product lines, and expanding its brand influence. But in the eyes of the leader Tang Yue, Truking Technology has only done two things over the past 20 years: product design and manufacturing technology innovation.
Tang Yue said, "Quality comes from design, but relies on manufacturing. In the era of digitization and artificial intelligence, the only fundamental way for the manufacturing industry is to develop the intelligent and green manufacturing technology."

In the past three years, Truking Technology has implemented the intelligent and green manufacturing projects, invested hundreds of millions of yuan to purchase the advanced high-end machine tools and created the self-made flexible connection systems.
Large investment brings large output. After the implementation of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing projects, the industrial output of Truking Technology has rapidly increased, and the number of manufacturing positions has decreased, resulting in a significant decline in energy and material consumption. The product quality has been greatly improved after breaking though the multiple key technologies.

As of now, Truking Technology has filed over 4,700 Chinese patent applications, over 2,800 valid patents, and 40 international patent applications and obtained 22 patents in multiple countries such as the United States, Russia, India, South Korea, and Germany.

On October 19, 2022, after signing a cooperation framework agreement with Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tang Yue posted words on his Moments: "We have entered the arena from the track, and the prospects will be even brighter."

According to the agreement, both parties will closely cooperate in the construction and development of the biological medicine and life science industrial chains with Truking Technology as the leading enterprise. At present, the construction of Truking Technology's biological medicine and life science industries in the city is in full swing, and it will continue to expand its industrial chains.

Before the arrival of the COVID-19, Truking was at that time expanding its scientific and technological capacity. The government demolished houses and vacated land for its construction. The enterprise's intelligent and central workshops were quickly completed and put into operation, releasing huge capacity in a short time, which met the explosive growth of production and delivery needs of COVID-19 vaccine equipment.

At the end of 2021, Truking Technology gradually conquered technologies such as biological microsphere fillers and bioreactors, and urgently needed to purchase land and build factories to form large-scale production capacity. The government has once again taken actions to ensure its land use in its construction. Relevant staff also worked on the site to promptly solve problems for it.

Truking Technology will deeply promote the transformation of Industry 4.0 in Hunan, further applying artificial intelligence, next-generation communication technology, digital twin technology, and biochip technology into the intelligent manufacturing system. Through 7 or 8 years of efforts, it will become a leading enterprise in the global pharmaceutical equipment industry.