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Ushi Dairy keeps developing new products

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Feb 15,2023 L M S
In the production workshop of Hunan Ushi Dairy Company, you can see the pipes criss-cross, the tall tanks stand neatly, and all equipment in operation. The fresh yogurt products are delivered to the quality inspection and filling workshop through the pipes. A set of modern, scientific and automatic dairy production lines are connected in an orderly manner, and the workers perform their respective duties.

The Spring Festival holiday is the peak season for the production and sales of dairy products. The company ramped up production to ensure the sufficient supply of yogurt products.

In November 2019, Ushi Dairy launched a high-quality milk project in an all-round way. After three years of efforts, a whole industrial chain integrating breeding, processing, products and marketing was optimized in accordance with the international standards. It passed the acceptance of the National High-quality Milk Project in 2022, marking that Ushi Dairy reached the internationally advanced high-quality pasteurized fresh milk standard.

In 2022, Ushi Dairy invested more than 7 million yuan to develop 12 new products, which are favored by consumers.

During the holiday, to make employees work in the factory at ease, the company’s logistics department not only provided benefits and overtime allowances according to regulations , but also gave employees who work on holiday a red envelop (with money in it) every day.

In 2023, Ushi Dairy will continue to work hard for the development of high-quality milk and characteristic products, continue to launch new products, expand the dominant market and increase market share.

It is expected that the annual output value of the company will continue to maintain a growth rate of more than 35% this year, and make greater contributions to the revitalization of the national dairy industry and the implementation of the Healthy China action.