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First enterprise introduced in Jinzhou New Area

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  May 31,2023 L M S
Ningxiang High tech Zone was formerly called Jinzhou New Area, which was initiated in 2006 with Jinzhou Avenue, a city expressway, as the axle center to open up the new development space. In October, Changsha Jinfeng Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. settled here, the first enterprise introduced in Jinzhou New Area.

At that time, Jinzhou New Area was still in its early stages, with a weak foundation and a lack of supporting functions.

"At the beginning, there was no access to water and roads except barren mountains and few households, but the relevant government leaders gave us adequate confidence and determination," Wang Lixin, general manager of Jinfeng Heavy Industry recalled.

The 25.32-kilometer-long Jinzhou Avenue connects Ningxiang City with Changsha City. With the full opening of Jinzhou Avenue on August 15, 2008, Jinzhou New Area, depending on its advantageous transportation location and new development concept, has developed quickly in the industrial corridor of Changsha West Line, and become an industry-intensive area and a promised land for investment and entrepreneurship.

In 2008, Jinzhou New Area determined its three major leading industries: new materials and energy industry, advanced manufacturing industry, and optoelectronic information industry and introduced several major projects like Sanny Heavy Industry and HonYu Wear-Resistant New Materials. In 2012, Jinzhou New Area was upgraded to a provincial industrial park, concentrating on technology innovation, and innovation and entrepreneurship. In May 2015, with the approval of the provincial government, the Ningxiang High Tech Industrial Park was established.