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Ningxiang High-tech Zone holds job fair in Dongguan

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Apr 27,2023 L M S
On April 22, Ningxiang High-tech Zone held a job fair at the Songshan Lake innovation headquarters of Chitone Human Resource Chain in Dongguan City of Guangdong Province, attracting over 3,200 job seekers on site, mostly natives of Hunan Province. 180 valid resumes were received and 76 people were pre-hired.

A total of 16 well-known enterprises from Ningxiang High-tech Zone participated in the event, releasing 327 job openings of 143 positions in such fields as new energy, electronic information, new materials, clothing and textiles, and biopharmaceuticals.

Many of the positions were targeted at technical engineers and production managers, requiring at least a bachelor's degree or even a master's or doctoral degree. They generally offered a decent annual salary of over 150,000 yuan and some R&D engineers could make 800,000 yuan a year. The attractive remuneration packages drew a long queue of job hunters at the booths.

"I found that the position offered by Pengbo New Materials matches well with my major, and I have always had the intention to work in my hometown," said Tong Huigang, a job applicant informed by the organizers via phone call, who had pursued a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Science and Technology of China.

"In addition to conventional online and offline marketing channels, Ningxiang High-tech Zone organized a team to conduct position matching and talent invitations in a precise manner. This move has not only guaranteed the popularity of the job fair but also enhanced the recruitment and job-seeking efficiency," said a director of the innovation headquarters.

A manager of Ningxiang High-tech Zone stated that the activity was very popular as the companies expressed their sincerity with high-paying positions. Most of the job seekers were born in Hunan Province or neighboring regions, showing a strong willingness to return to their hometown for a career, and they possess the technical capabilities that meet the requirements of the potential employers. The firms present at the job fair had a good harvest as expected.