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Ningxiang High-tech Zone listed among green industrial parks

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Feb 17,2023 L M S
A number of green factories, green design products, green industrial parks and green supply chain management enterprises were on the list of green manufacturing in 2022. Ningxiang High-tech Zone was listed among the green industrial parks.

36 enterprises in Hunan Province were selected as green factories, and many Changsha enterprises including Sinoboom were included on the list.

The 3 green industrial parks are Ningxiang High-tech Zone, Changde High-tech Zone and Chenzhou High-tech Zone.

In recent years, Ningxiang High-tech Zone has adhered to the development concept of “green park, ecological home”, established complete infrastructure such as wastewater collection and treatment, waste gas treatment and management, and solid waste disposal, built a comprehensive environmental supervision platform and network, and formed a full-process environmental management system.

At the same time, Ningxiang High-tech Zone focused on attracting green industries, and gradually formed an industrial chain characterized by advanced energy storage materials.

8 Hunan enterprises including Sany Medium Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. were listed as green supply chain management enterprises.

The green supply chain is based on green manufacturing theory and supply chain management technology, involving suppliers, manufacturers, sellers and users.

Its purpose is to achieve the goal of minimum impact on the environment and maximum resource efficiency in the whole process of material acquisition, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, usage, recycling.