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Sany Crane Ningxiang Industrial Park shows gathering effect

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Dec 31,2021 L M S
Located in Ningxiang High-tech Zone, Changsha City, the workshop of Sany Crane just after 8:00 a.m. is a hive of activity, with workers operating various machines to assemble parts.

In 2009, Sany Crane Industrial Park settled in Ningxiang City. In the past twelve years, it has developed, produced and sold auto, all-terrain, off-road, special and tower cranes. In 2020, the annual output value of the park exceeded 15.3 billion yuan.

Led by Sany Crane, more than 20 supporting enterprises and dozens of indirect supporting enterprises have settled in Ningxiang.

Upstream and downstream industrial chains gather  

In the Sany Crane Industrial Park, you can see nearly 100 cranes are lined up on the roadside. And more than 50 kinds of cranes ranging from 16 to 1,000 tons are produced at different workshops. Last year, over 10,000 cranes were produced in the park.

Sun Xinliang, vice president of Sany Group and chairman of Sany Crane, said: “Looking back on the development history of Sany Crane in Ningxiang, the number of customers has increased 30 times, the share of truck cranes has reached 30%, and the share of overseas export market continues to lead the country.”

While developing rapidly in Ningxiang, Sany Crane also attracted many upstream and downstream supporting enterprises to settle in the park, steadily improving the local support and cooperation among enterprises, which achieved common development due to the cluster effect of construction machinery. 

In 2010, Changsha Xingsha Machine Co., Ltd. settled in Ningxiang High-tech Zone after Sany Crane, so it has advantages on transportation, communication and R&D.

Now, Xingsha Machine supplies all steel wire ropes to Sany Crane and Sinoboom.

While expanding and strengthening industrial chains, other supporting enterprises like Xingsha Machine have settled in Ningxiang, which are seeking coordinated development. A number of enterprises producing key machinery parts with independent IPR are also burgeoning.  

“Now, Ningxiang High-tech Zone has cultivated a solid foundation for supporting engineering machinery industry. 55 enterprises in the park such as Hunan First Hydraulic Technology, Wanshsin Seiko and Wanlong Intelligent provide supporting services for Sany and Zoomlion. It has become an influential characteristic park of engineering machinery industry in Hunan province and a township park with the best development quality in the city,” said the head of the park.

Intelligent transformation improves productivity

Since 2019, Sany Crane has taken the lead in building six “lighthouse factories” in the industry, and fully introduced new production methods such as flexible production island. Intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation have accelerated the construction of intelligent “lighthouse factories”.

As one of the new “lighthouse factories”, Sany tower crane project adopts intelligent production technology, covering the whole process. The Internet of things big data platform is used to realize the monitoring of the whole process. It’s expected that a finished product standard section can be finished every 11 minutes.  

“Sany tower crane project was built and put into operation in the same year, driving the common development of more than 20 supporting enterprises such as Xingsha Machine and Ruijie Machine.” Tan Songtao, deputy director of Sany Crane chief engineer’s office, introduced that after being put into operation, the project can produce 8,000 tower cranes with different models. It’s expected to build an industrial cluster worth over 8 billion yuan by the end of the 14th Five-year Plan.

Compared with the newly-built “lighthouse factories”, the company has seen bright achievements in intelligent transformation of old plants.

Lin Tongchuan, operation director of Sany Crane CEO Office, said that after the transformation, the workshop area has been reduced by half, and the number of workers has decreased from 160 to 25, but the production capacity has nearly doubled.

“Now, intelligent welding robots are widely used in welding, machining and others in the park, which greatly improved the standardization level and efficiency and effectively solve the shortage of welders,” Lin added.
Considerate service for enterprises

Ningxiang government has taken a series of policies and measures to serve enterprises and optimize project services, which promoted the construction and operation of projects.

A “lighthouse factory” with a monthly output of 750 medium and large tonnage cranes of Sany Medium Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. was completed within one year through the project agency and whole process services. In February this year, the first 130-ton all-terrain crane rolled off the assembly line.

At present, there are more than 4,000 employees in Sany Crane Industrial Park, including many highly-educated professionals. According to the actual situation, talent apartments were built by Ningxiang High-tech Zone to meet the housing needs of more than 800 employees, and discounts are also provided for their staff with group buying when purchasing an apartment in the city.  

Meanwhile, during the construction of Phase II project of Ningxiang Staff Community of Hunan Sany Crane, the local government helped the enterprise save no less than 20 working days, greatly accelerating the project progress.

Now, the city government provides good services for the construction machinery industry involving Sany Crane, creating strong supports for the city’s high-quality development. Relying on the city’s good business environment, Sany Crane gathered dozens of upstream and downstream supporting enterprises. Thus, the local government and enterprises have achieved win-win cooperation.