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Mirage 360 launches new peroxide sterilizer  

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Sep 07,2021 L M S
The breeding environment plays an important role in the growth of breeding objects. But the livestock farm which has a complex environment is the place where many kinds of diseases might break out, so effective disinfection is the key in the biological prevention and control system to prevent and block the invasion of pathogens.

Hunan Mirage 360 Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise specializing in disinfection in Ningxiang High-tech Zone, rolled out a peroxide sterilizer in May, which achieves fast disinfection in 360 degrees without corner pockets and starts a new revolution of cleaning.

Since the sterilizer went on sale this year, sales has seen a large increase, and intent orders have continued to surge. Ke Xiaoli, head of the Mirage 360 Machinery Research Institute told reporters that the sterilizer has been warmly welcomed by the market for it can solve difficult problems with disinfection. Up to now, shipment has reached more than 2000 sets every month. It is estimated that the sales this year will be more than 100 million yuan.

Peracetic acid is a commonly used disinfectant in cultivation. It can disinfect quickly, and there is no residue after disinfection. However, the traditional use of peracetic acid has disadvantages such as great irritation, strong corrosion, and complicated operation. 

Aiming at these problems and truly effective disinfection, Mirage 360, combined with molecular suspension technology, has carried out research and development in the aspects of scope, action time, concentration and artificial execution in disinfection. 

Ke Xiaoli said that in the process of research and development, the debugging of the machine and the verification of the disinfection effect are the biggest problems, because there is no such disinfection method in China. So they had to start from scratch to establish the disinfection standard. The process was very difficult and long and took more than a year.
After more than 1,000 repeated tests, the sterilizer was officially released in May this year, which is especially suitable for the disinfection of contaminated areas or high-risk areas. Compared with traditional disinfection, this sterilizer has the functions of high efficiency disinfection, nucleic acid degradation, deodorization, oxygen aeration, etc. It can make the disinfectant molecules suspended in the air for a long time, and eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in the space at 360 degrees, reaching an effective rate of disinfection of more than 99.99%.

"For example, in a traditional livestock farm, it would take one worker more than an hour to disinfect the whole stall. With this sterilizer, the operation can be solved in 10 minutes with a complete and effective disinfection," said Ke Xiaoli.
In recent years, Mirage 360, with the molecular suspension technology as the basis, has achieved research and development of intelligent cleaning and disinfection equipment and its industrialization.

In the future, the company will continue to focus on professional disinfection, and innovate technologies and products through breakthroughs in core technologies and key technology integration. 

At present, Mirage 360 has been rated as a high-tech enterprise, with a series of independent intellectual property products and technologies, 9 invention patents and utility model patents, 10 appearance patents and more than 20 new applications for patents.