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Tangshi known for gold and silver jewelry processing

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  Dec 03,2021 L M S
Tangshi, a market town of Ningxiang City, is famous for its gold and silver jewelry processing.

Jewelry processing in Tangshi originated from the Song Dynasty. Over the past thousand years, Tangshi gradually developed its copper and aluminum seal carving from wooden seal carving after inheritance, reforms and innovations, and finally into the gold and silver jewelry processing techniques.

The founders of famous gold and silver jewelry brands ZWF and Caradom both started their businesses as craftsmen in Tangshi.

The processing skills of gold and silver jewelry are mainly passed down within a family in Tangshi. There are over 20,000 craftsmen, making their reputation spread all over the country and even known in Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries.

If you want a piece of gold and silver jewelry with traditional handmade skills, it would be the best choice to look for a craftsman in Tangshi.