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Ningxiang temple fairs

By | nxiang.net| Updated:  May 25,2021 L M S
Ningxiang has a large number of temples, worshippers, and countless temple fairs, large and small. Temple fairs were held in days gone by for grand sacrificial activities. With the development of the economy and the need for communication, temple fairs then became an important form of folk market. In addition, because entertainment activities are performed at the temple fairs, visiting temple fairs has become an indispensable activity for people during the Chinese Lunar New Year.
Temple fairs are primarily held in Phoenix Mountain, Ningxiang on temple festivals or on specified dates in the lunar calendar, including March 19, May 14, June 19, and September 19. During a temple fair, worshippers come to the sacrifice ceremonies and trade markets, creating a bustling atmosphere of prosperity.
Spectacular temple fair in Ningxiang [Photo/nxiang.net]